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Free Xbox Live Points

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    Free Xbox Live Codes

    Get Free Xbox Live Gold

    get free xbox live goldThe Xbox360. A very beautiful piece of gaming hardware. An eclectic cornucopia of chips and bolts glued and stuck together to form a nearly unrivaled gaming console which unleashes its firepower on LCD TVs in homes everywhere. The Xbox 360 is the current generation of video game consoles thought up by Microsoft, founded by Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Paul Allen. A person is not considered a true elite gamer unless he owns one of the major consoles, the 360 included, or a highly powerful PC consisting of high end hardware. But for the Xbox 360 users, feeling the joy of a gamepad in your hands, looking at the visual bombardment of high resolution graphics and tremendously enjoyable gameplay courtesy of exclusive titles, is enough to whet their appetites. Have I gotten your attention yet? Good… Now, on to the good part, which is getting a free Xbox Live subscription codes.

    360 owners can enjoy playing online with friends or through the console via Xbox Live, a gaming service which entitles gamers to gain access to multiple video game content as well as a library of HD movies and TV shows. Sadly, this all comes with a price, or in this case, purchasing subscription codes. On the bright side, there are tricks on acquiring a free membership for Xbox Live Gold. I'm about to rundown a few tricks to keep you scoring free Xbox Live Gold codes.

    1. Use your free-trial card. If you have a newly bought >Xbox 360, use this card to connect to the internet and avail of the two months indicated on the card for free.

    2. Some games you purchase will include subscription codes niftily placed inside the game manual. Use these. These may range from a 48 hour trial to another 2 months added to your subscription.

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    4. Microsoft offers promotions such as free weekends, so grab the opportunity upon being presented. You may also win free subscription codes in exchange for a certain number of month's worth of access to Xbox Live Gold.

    5. There are websites which may serve as mediators between you and that free Xbox Live Gold subscription code you're seeking out. These websites may ask you to open up spam mail, take part in surveys or even ask you to purchase some of their items over the internet, but later on you can use the gift cards which they hand out to you to get those free Xbox Live Gold codes.

    These are just a few helpful tips to get you your free Xbox Live Gold codes, as there are some other strategies you can use, such as promotional materials presented in large-chain department stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart and the like. Be on the lookout for these, as they will assure you of a longer online gaming experience and a better level of enjoyment playing video games with your peers.

    Free Xbox Live Codes

    Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

    If you're part of the Xbox Live community, you know the ins and outs of what's it like to be a member. You get access to all sorts of freebies and exclusive content which other games can only drool about in their sleep. Being a hardcore gamer myself, I can see why so many people [...]

    Free Xbox Live Codes

    Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Codes

    In a world where the state of the economy often fluctuates, where prices tend to go nowhere else but up, and job opportunities are getting scarcer and scarcer, it is only understandable that people would like to grab hold of a good deal – especially for free. The average video gamer is not a stranger [...]

    Free Xbox Live Codes

    Free Xbox Live Subscription Codes

    Online gaming has pretty much grown from a bunch of well-to-do teenagers looking for some time to kill to a world wide community of gamers. With a console like the XBox360, at your disposal, no gamer could ever ask for more. High resolution 720p graphics, cutting edge data processing technology, hours of countless fun, this [...]

    Free Xbox Live Points

    Free Xbox Live Points

    What is Xbox LIVE? Xbox LIVE is another out of this world approach to gaming services that was introduced by Microsoft Corporation. This gaming service actually refers to a whole new way of online gaming through the XBox console. The only one of its kind, XBox Live allows XBox users to participate in multiplayer online [...]