你可能有几个手机tell-talehearting你来自一个黑暗的抽屉。电池死亡的手机。你淹死的那个。你的那个砖砌的’ by putting the wrong passcode in too many times.

Eventually, you need to get rid of some bigger electronic waste (e-waste). A widescreen with missing pixels. A noisy desktop computer. With your inner Marie Kondo breathing down your neck, you throw it all in the trunk with your dead cells and take a trip to the dump.

You’re not alone.


我们感到震惊地了解最新的人物ob直播appGlobal E-waste Monitor 2020report and decided to do something about it to help educate others. The images below will help you visualize the sheer amount of computers, mobile phones and other electronic products with a battery or plug we discard every day, month and year.

An e-waste Taj Mahal every day

Every day in 2019, humans produced 140,000 metric tons of electronic waste. Our researchers calculated that if this e-waste was made up entirely of bricked iPhone 11s, you could use those bricks to rebuild the Taj Mahal:

An e-waste Gherkin every month

每个月,世界都会生产一堆电子废物砖,德伦伦敦的180米幼苗摩天大楼 - 447万公吨更加精确。

As of 2019, just 17.4% of the world’s e-waste was'officially documented as properly collected and recycled,’根据全球电子废物监测器2020。




An e-waste One World Trade Center per year by 2030

经过2030, measured by our trusty iPhone 11 brick, the world’s annual e-waste is projected to engulf the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere: the One World Trade Center.


您正在查看7470万公吨丢弃的iPhone 11s - 我们预计每年在2030年将生成的电子废物量。

Worldwide Electronic Waste Production, Mapped

E-waste is not distributed equally. Manufacturers source components, includingprecious metals and minerals来自低收入国家。消费者在西方和高收入亚洲国家使用和处理它们。制造商和当局将它们送回低电平和新兴的经济体,包括中国和印度,“回收”。


世界上最富有的国家之一挪威是生产每头脑最浪费的国家。然而,这个数字可能很高,因为电子废物处理是高度监管在挪威。其他国家可能产生更多的浪费than is documented.

European countries (including non-EU Norway, UK, and Switzerland) occupy the top ten spots for e-waste produced per capita, accompanied by Australia and the US. Eighteen of the 20 countries with the lowest e-waste are in Africa.

Right To Repair Laws Around The Globe

Recycling is not a cure-all. It can be an energy-intensive process with unforeseen costs for people and the planet. Dropping things off to be recycled makes us feel good about ourselves, but the fate of much of the waste sent abroad for processing is a神秘

“A substantial proportion of e-waste exports go to countries outside Europe, including west African countries,”根据Interpol。“Treatment in these countries usually occurs in the informal sector, causing significant environmental pollution and health risks for local populations.”

Over recent decades, the common mantra has been ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ and it’s important not to underestimate the power of reduction and reuse. But a fourth option is gaining traction as the修复运动的权利grows.

Campaigners want manufacturers to create goods that can be easily repaired. Companies should detail how long a product can be expected to last and make spare parts available to aid repair long after warranties expire.

InSouth Africa, legislation now forbids vehicle manufacturers from voiding a warranty if the user goes to an independent repair service. In theory, this should make repair a more affordable option than replacement. InMexico,一个新的版权法有效地禁止修复电子设备的权利。


这State of Right To Repair Laws in America

同时,修复运动的权利已达到美国的流域时刻。截至2021年3月,25个州被认为是积极的修理立法权 - 尽管法律所涵盖的设备因国家而异

来自美国Pirg的一份报告发现,平均家庭花费每年1,480美元on electronics and could save $330 by repairing instead of replacing (a national saving of $40bn). Despite this, the Colorado House Business Affairs & Labor committee recently关掉提出了right-to-repair law for the state.

Take It Apart to Put It Back Together

As with theclimate crisis,终极权力和责任对电子废物,回收和修复权,属于各国政府和公司 - 无论他们如何努力将责任归咎于消费者


Next time your vintage笔记本电脑or struggling desk fan gives up, consider attending arepair caféor similar. This can be an informal (and often free) place to meet experts who will help you mend your electronics, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.


Methodology & Sources

我们计算了2019年生产的总垃圾(在兆上),为全年生产,每天和每一天,从全球电子废物监测监测监测器中获取数据。然后,我们计算了相应的电子废物量iPhone 11s。

这data used in the E-Waste World Heat Map comes from'全球电子废物监测监测器2020:数量,流动和循环经济强度l'来自全球电子垃圾统计伙伴关系。这data represents the amount of e-waste generated in each country in 2019 in kg per capita.


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